Jetty Road

Singer Song Writer and Story Teller Tasmanian Autoharpist Tony Newport

Tony Newport was born in Zeehan on Tasmania's West Coast. He writes and sings about his life growing up in a mining town, about the spirit and history of the people and their brooding rugged rainforest home. He also writes of the contemporary and paradoxical events that shape and form our lives - of growing old, the joys and tribulations of technology, the importance of work, of grace, politics and the environment. He particularly likes North American music with its underlying and contradictory themes of Jesus, sex, existential angst and the devil - that folk and country bedrock that pervades the brilliant song writing, story telling and singing of Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Kris Kristofferson, Emmy Lou Harris and the Mcgarrigle sisters.

He began playing the autoharp seriously in 2010 and finds it a wonderful instrument on which to compose songs and sing along. In 2015 he released his first CD Give me Grace which is reviewed and featured on this website.          

Photographer: Margie Brophy

Musicians:  Vince Brophy and Tony Newport

Festival: The Unconformity Queenstown Tasmania 2016